Kevin Henney has been photographing the Half Moon Bay Coastside for over 30 years, spending thousands of hours in the field perfecting his craft. His work aims to capture the universal feeling of awe and wonder that we all experience in communion with the natural world. Those fleeting moments when we feel connected to something much larger than ourselves.

The scenes in these images are fleeting, too. With each passing day, the wind and water reshape this landscape – rearranging the sand, creating transitory lagoons, breaking down rocks, carving new fissures in the cliffs. Even in minutes we can see change occurring, as clouds blow by, fog rolls in, and the sun moves across the sky, altering light and shadows. The images you see here are moments captured after hundreds of visits to these same special places, searching for just the right combination of light and weather and magic.

As a sixth-generation Coastsider, Kevin brings a rich family lineage and a deep sense of place to his work. Over the years, this small seaside community has grown up almost harrowingly close to the hustle and bustle of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and yet somehow separate from it all. No longer the well-kept secret that it once was, the Half Moon Bay area remains a sanctuary for those who want to escape. Kevin’s photos capture that place that still exists in all of those who call this place home, whether you stay for a weekend or a lifetime.